Have you ever used a product so much you thought "maybe I should just create my own?" Yeah, so did we.

During our research and development phase, there was a discovery that the majority of balms on the market use ingredients that aren’t good for us.

Did you know we ingest about fifteen pounds of lip balm in a lifespan? Yeah, we didn't either! 

So imagine that the wax-based balms we've been using are being ingested regularly along with all those chemicals and drying agents (ingredients used to dry our lips out ensuring we continue buying more product).

We wanted to do something different— something new—and we did. We created our very own eLo.

We're wax-free, petroleum-free and our moisture-rich balms are unparalleled. But wait, there’s more!

We've also created a home fragrance line that's alcohol-free and uses essential oils. 

We believe our products should be created with love and care. For this reason, our lip balms and home fragrances are both handcrafted right here in Brooklyn, New York. Each tube of balm and bottle of fragrance are given the attention they deserve and made with each of our customers in mind. 

We host luxurious pop-ups all around the country, so look out! We may be in your city next.

We're also are available right here online.

With Love, 

elo 💋